Turn Key Power Company

GCATS Telecom & Critical Power Services is a turn key electrical, telecommunications, and critical power company specializing in providing creative and unique solutions to its customers

Over 200 Years of Experience

With over 200 years of combined electrical and management experience, we are proud 95% of new business is referral based


Focusing on electrical, telecommunications, and critical power, GCATS displays the ability to think outside the box utilizing a working knowledge of all major components inside a electrical system.


The recipient of over 10 awards in the past 5 years, GCATS is successful in all areas. Our work includes low and high voltage electrical environments, electrical or structured telecommunications environments, and field work as a contractor or GC.

Verizon Innovation and Technology Award Runner Up

GCATS’ use of tablets and mobile devices in the field earned the award for the most innovative implementation of Verizon Wireless technology

SPARK Superior Achievement Award

GCATS received national recognition for its exemplary safety programs and records

Outstanding Performance on Projects

Recognized for outstanding performance on projects throughout Dallas / Ft. Worth, GCATS won numerous awards for its work and service

Maximum Contractor Score

With top 25% operating ratios and conservative fiscal and proactive cash management practices, GCATS earned the maximum “Excellent” rating


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, GCATS’ reputation of providing high quality service spread, and we are involved in many projects nation wide.


GCATS Telecom and Critical Power Services works tirelessly
to provide a safe environment helping to prevent
accidents, injuries, and incidents.